This type of valve typically used to lock the general use of lines is characterized by the spherical shape of the sealing member. The ball valve is basically an adaptation or derivation of the plug valve. Instead of using a plug valve with conical or cylindrical shape is used a ball with hole.

The ball valve rotates between resilient headquarters.
It is characterized also by its speed of operation and only need a quarter of turn to operate this type of valve.
It offers optimum sealing even for high pressure and almost negligible pressure drop (when built in full bore).
The ball valve is not suitable for flow regulation of services, because the geometry of its sphere shutter.


Opening and fast closing
The construction characteristics of the set-headquarters, as well as the materials used in this set, ensure smooth drive and full sealing.
Low pressure drop, when built in full bore.
Applicable in wide range of pressures.


The need of using resilient materials in the seats, limiting the temperature range of use of this type of valve.
It is not indicated for use fluids having suspended solid layers.
They are not recommended for partial flow controls.

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