Triple M produces its own butterfly valves! Resiliente seated, Mack Valve, in Sorocaba Brazil. All products delivered by Triple M are 100% tested in our last generation/automatic/imported test benches, always accompanied with FULL MTR documentation.



In addition to manufacturing the Mack Valve valves, Triple M distributes premium brands for pipes, valves and actuators, as well as connections - in addition to working in close partnership with the largest Whole US supppliers - ensuring the end user quick deliveries and competitive prices.



Triple M counts with Flow Control´s experts team with more than 25 year of experience, working close to International Whole Suppliers as IPPG International Pipe Procurement Group, de Houston – Texas, our main shareholder and key supplier of pipes and fittings worldwide.


Gate Valve

The main characteristic of the gate valve is in its minimal obstruction of flow passage, when fully open, providing low turbulence, with an almost insignificant pressure differential. This is possible, because their sealing system (obturator) acts perpendicular to the flow line.

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Ball Valves

This type of valve typically used to lock the general use of lines is characterized by the spherical shape of the sealing member. The ball valve is basically an adaptation or derivation of the plug valve. Instead of using a plug valve with conical or cylindrical shape is used a ball with hole.

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Retention Valves

It has similar features to the globe valve and is often used together with globe valve. It has a load loss resulting from the abrupt change suffered by the fluid, and by the need to raise the pressure of the fluid and providing the obturator opening the valve.

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