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A Triple M / Brazil opened its doors to serve the Brazilian market in 2009 2009

Resilient seated, Mack Valve in Sorocaba-SP, and all products delivered by Triple M are tested on imported countertops of last generation, accompanied by full traceability reports, with a custom databook.

Experienced professionals

Market experience in Flow Control, in Brazil and worldwide. Triple M has a team of consultants able to meet the most critical service needs and requirements in terms of application engineering.

Our work

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About Us

Who we are

Until recently, the work of "procurement" in implementation of projects of new plants in Brazil was limited due to lack of distributors type "Whole Suppliers" in the country. Users and experts were forced to submit to a number of suppliers, their consultations in order to meet the needs and material requirements. Nowadays, mainly because the robustness of the Brazilian market, the procurement methodology used in the past is totally obsolete and mostly ineffective in terms of acquisition costs. New projects in place, are demanding large volumes of pipes, valves / actuators and connections, including multiple needs in transportation, inspection and follow-up, generating unanticipated costs initially. Thinking about it, the development of the Brazilian market and taking as inspiration the great Whole Suppliers International, Triple M has developed a more efficient way to address these problems.

What we do

With a portfolio of high quality products, Triple M / Brazil opened its doors to serve the Brazilian market in 2009. We offer since renowned brands of valves, pipes, actuators, fittings and flow control fittings, only selected suppliers and approved by the most demanding end users around the world, such as: YDF Valves - Tomoe Valve - OMB Valves - KITZ Valves - Schroeder. Complementing this strategy, the Triple M manufactures in Brazil the 100% Mack Valve ® national butterfly valves in the city of Sorocaba, SP, one of the only 100% API 609, with unique shaft anti-expulsion system, ensuring environmental safety and operator. Due to this our comprehensive portfolio, we became quickly one of the main choices national and international clients of all kinds of industry, including providing very successfully valves and other flow control accessories to Epecistas providing important works of Petrobras, with more than 35,000 valves sold in less than two years.

Our company

Our unit in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo, is conveniently located close to major highways, ports and airports, facilitating logistics throughout the supply. Currently we are operating in a plant with a total capacity of more than 2,000 m2 of built area, and we have one of the most modern test benches, brought from abroad, which ensures that 100% of sales are thoroughly tested in our facilities, including before inspectors' own customers or contractors for such assessments. Vale frizar our partner team abroad, checks all shipments from products to Brazil, ensuring the quality of suppliers is what part of the world are. To guarantee the origin and quality of our supply, we make the suministro of all certificates of materials and tests that certify the traceability required by the customer, with a date-book specially developed by technicians of Triple M, which ensures our signature on each product.


Managed by Antonio Marchina, the professional area of ​​Flow Control with over 25 years experience in the world market, coupled with working together our headquarters in the US IPPG- International Pipe Procurement Group, also of Houston -Texas, which owns 85% of Triple M shares, one of the leading suppliers of pipes and fittings of the world market, and supridoras companies like BTM- China, one of the most modern and competitive producers of fittings in Asia, currently working in the implementation of its new factory in construction in Houston. Added to all this, the brand new manufactures valves newly opened in Shanghai in China, Mack Valve, with production capacity and unmatched portfolio of products, forming a team really unbeatable, including CKD project site content implemented with Mack Valve China and YDF China Other brands / Industrias we distribute in Brazil: Tectubi / Allied / Gieminox: Pipes and Fittings - Italy Mega: Fittings Special-Italy Vimec: Ball Valves, Double Block and Bleed - Two balls on a single body Quam: Gates Chocke and API 6A Valves BSM: FAST TRACK Valves, Netherlands. Schroeder Valves: Germany, minimum flow valves for pumps (recirculation) We are sure we can meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and we are experts in solving problems of the area of ​​Flow Control.